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More than a face

We know you're awesome, even if others don't.

More than a damn face.
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Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to Hotcha Gotcha.

We're the rating community that we hope won't be like any other.
Have you been burned cause you're not "cool enough", you're "too ugly", "too slutty", "too gay", you have too much faith or not enough?
This is definitely the place for you.


~Rules of Admittance~
1. You must be over the age of 16.
2. Don't comment anywhere else besides your own entry until you're stamped.
3. Put your entire application behind an lj-cut.

4. When posting yer pictures... do not google yer name and ACT like those are yer pictures. Tsk-tsk, applicant: nothatsgay.
5. Once your application is posted, it is the property of this community. Do not delete it or change your questions just because people are giving you shit. (Fixing your html is allowed.)
6. Be yerself.

~Rules for Accepted Members~
1. Give a reason with your vote.
2. If you're going to change your journal, please reapply.
3. You don’t have to vote on every application, but don’t just join and do jack shit. Jack has informed us to remove your ass if that’s how yer gonna be.
4. Participate in the monthly contests. Or else you don’t get to vote on new applicants. And you don’t want to break rule number 3, do you?
5. No promoting other communities.
6. Promote this community where you see the need.

~Monthly Contest~
Due to how we are relatively new, the contest (whatever we decide it will be) will begin in May.

Much <3, yer mods.

And here, my chicklets, is the application:

Accepted List:
The Mods You Must Love: