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($) Name: Erin
($) Birthday: August 4
($) Location: greensboro, nc
($) Sexual Preference: boys, girls sometimes
($) Hair color: black
($) Three words you think describe you: rock and roll

~Favorites~ (**you must explain why**)
($) Band: the rolling stones. why? they rock your fucking face off.
($) Lyrics: anything from "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley because it's lyrics are so sexy and so divine all in love.
($) Food: vegetarian because meat suckkks.
($) Body part: mouth, cos making out is awesome.
($) Word: fart, you would only understand if you lived in downtown greensboro.
($) Color: black or purple, they are mysterious and deep
($) Book: the great gatsby because I said so.
($) Live Journal Friend: all of them, I don't want to choose.

($) Religion: whatev
($) Politics: who cares
($) Drugs:are awesome
($) Homosexuals: are my friends
($) Piercings/Tattoos/Scarring/and every other ‘mutilation’: piercings and tattoos are awesome, I used to cut myself and that is stupid.
($) Describe the perfect boy/gurl: someone who is a rock and roller who wants to take it slow and always compliments me on not just my looks but what I know and on my work or my talents, who sings to me, who just LIES with me and listens to music and holds my hand and makes me toast in the morning.

($) Most traumatic experience that ever happened to you: getting arrested
($) What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: fuck I gotta go to class
($) What’s the most embarrassing c.d. you have… and still listen to: all my music is awesome.
($) Why do you think you are more than just a face: because I have a head, arms, feet, legs, butt....

~Finish This Sentence~
($) I wish that midget would dance
($) My toenail is curling
($) Cement blocks are only good for throwing at jimmy page
($) Amputees really need legs
($) [::Phone Rings::] New York Pizza, how may I help you?

~Last Leg~
($) Post something that will make us squirt fluid out of our noses (The type of fluid doesn't matter).

($) Post at least two pictures of yourself:

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