Victoria (middlewang) wrote in hotchagotcha,

Even mods apply.

($) Name: Vix
($) Birthday: 2-28-84
($) Location: Everywhere, thanx to a military family.
($) Sexual Preference: There’s a dog in my bun.
($) Hair color: Currently red.
($) Three words you think describe you:

Skeptical, mellow, cynical.

~Favorites~ (**you must explain why**)
($) Band: Radiohead, bc they haven’t sold-out, and their music is perfection.
($) Lyrics: …
Still there's not a show on my back
holes or a friendly intervention
I’m just a little bit heiress, a little bit Irish
a little bit tower of Pisa whenever I see you
so please be kind if I’m a mess
cigarettes and chocolate milk

($) Food: Pickles, bc they make that area near yer ears wince with anticipation.
($) Body part: Calves, bc they look good sticking out of kilts.
($) Word: Wang. My dad used to call me that with such love.
($) Color: Blue… bc that’s the color of Jude Law’s eyes.
($) Book: Death Comes for the Archbishop. The ending made me cry. And that’s quite an accomplishment.
($) Live Journal Friend: theotherday

($) Religion: Be peaceful. Believe in something. And life might not be half as bad.
($) Politics: I don’t get involved. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to things like that.
($) Drugs: I use in moderation. But have nothing against those who don’t.
($) Homosexuals: Yesterday, the stereotype that ‘all gay men are hott’, was proved wrong. Any man with a mullet gets a thumbs-down from me. Gay or not.
($) Piercings/Tattoos/Scarring/and every other ‘mutilation’: I have 5 piercings, so obviously no problem there. As for tattoos… it depends on what you get and where. And as for scarring/branding/etc… that’s pushing my level of tolerance for stupid people.
($) Describe the perfect boy/gurl: purple hair, lots of piercings, makes me laugh, and knows how to please.

($) Most traumatic experience that ever happened to you: Being circled by a shark.
($) What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: What day is it…
($) What’s the most embarrassing c.d. you have… and still listen to: Enya. I… have 5 of her c.d.’s. They don’t exactly fit in with everything else I listen to… but its like an addiction.
($) Why do you think you are more than just a face: Because there is more to beauty than a body, there is more to a body then just a face, and there is more face than just what’s on the surface. In other words, I have personality.

~Finish This Sentence~
($) I wish that midget would… stop attacking my shins!
($) My toenail… is growing its own colony of fungus.
($) Cement blocks are only good for… smashing small animals. (j/k, I like some… animals…)
($) Amputees really need… to talk Lt. Dan, bc I just like saying ‘Lt. Dan’ with a Gump accent.
($) [::Phone Rings::]… [Nothing]… (bc I know its my roommates mom calling at 6am. If it’s important… she can leave a damn message on the machine.)

~Last Leg~
($) Post something that will make us squirt fluid out of our noses.

($) Post at least two pictures of yourself:

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