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we can still be friends?...


($) Name:
($) Birthday: July 15, 1985
($) Location: texas.. not for long though.
($) Sexual Preference: pansexual *i believe in falling in love no matter what gender you are*
($) Hair color: currently black, i prefer dark colors lately.
($) Three words you think describe you: mature, supportive, loving

~Favorites~ (**you must explain why**)
($) Band:
right now it's Radiohead, but i can't really pick an all-time favorite <-- i've JUST discovered "OK Computer" adn it's absolutely brilliant. from lyrics to music..
($) Lyrics: "just one look into your eyes, one look and 'im crying cause you're so beautiful" <-- HIM, Beautiful. it's my love's song for me.. well, and mine for her because that's how i feel, and that has happened to me once..
($) Food: chicken noodle rice soup. <-- it's awesome when you're sick and .. not sick.. it's just great, i've loved it since i was very little.
($) Body part: lips <-- it's all about kissing, baby ;p
($) Word: atrocious <-- don't know why, i just love it.
($) Color: black and hot pink <-- it's pretty. i don't know why, i just like it.. well actually black, because it's dark and beautiful and hot pink because i love the way it looks on my lips *lip gloss*, also the way it contrasts to black
($) Book: Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. <-- If you haven't read it, it's really hard to describe why it's amazing.. i love it because it portrays a really cynical and twisted view of life but it also has love in it.. i just love the way Palahniuk writes, it makes you go "NO FUCKING WAY!!!" all the time.
($) Live Journal Friend: myruiner <-- because i love her more than anything..

($) Religion:
i am not religious.. sometimes i envy people who are because it's so comforting.. they use god as an excuse for everything that happens.. *aw honey, it's all god's will*. well it doesn't comfort me, i haven't had a really happy life so it's hard for me to believe that god exists..
whatever floats your boat though.
($) Politics: i stay away from politics. though the government class at school is really helping me realize how the whole thing works. being russian, i really try to follow what happens in my country right now, and frankly i like russian president, i hope he'll pull the country out of a shithole.
($) Drugs: people do drugs to fill the emptyness in their life *read it in Choke adn completely agree*. well, who am i to talk really.. i do it too. But the key to everything is moderation. Do it but don't let it fuck up your life, and yes, it's possible. *unless you're doing heroin :shrugs:*
($) Homosexuals: love em! i mean, they are just regular people, like you and me. they have the same blood cells, don't they? then what the hell is this question for.. you might as well put "what do you think of jews".. seriously, i don't get why they are discriminated and put in a separate social group.
($) Piercings/Tattoos/Scarring/and every other ‘mutilation’: i love piercings and tattoos, though with my fear of needles i'm not really the one to get them. scarring and self-mutilation freaks me out.. i'm really afraid of pain, so it wouldn't work for me. However if it's something you like - go on, just don't kill yourself.
($) Describe the perfect boy/gurl: her name is dominique :)
it would be someone who respects and/OR shares my way of life, my views on stuff.. someone who doesn't listen to shitty music *pop, country and such*, someone who doesn't sit at their ass at home and does nothing, someone who FEELS, shows it and has a sarcastic sense of humor

($) Most traumatic experience that ever happened to you:
moving from saint petersburg, russia to fucking texas.
($) What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: just FIVE more minutes..
($) What’s the most embarrassing c.d. you have and still listen to: hm.. i don't have any emarrassing CDs that i STILL listen to.. well, if you consider Tenacious D embarrassing, i sure don't.
($) Why do you think you are more than just a face: because i can look down and see the rest of my body.

seriously, i don't think, i know i'm more than just a face.. i've been through quite a lot in my 18 years and it formed a person out of me.

~Finish This Sentence~
($) I wish that midget would
keep on dancing.
($) My toenails need to be repainted.
($) Cement blocks are only good for climbing on.
($) Amputees really need some weed.
($) [::Phone Rings::] screw it, i'm still asleep.

~Last Leg~
($) Post something that will make us squirt fluid out of our noses (The type of fluid doesn't matter).

<-- read it from the beginning

($) Post at least two pictures of yourself:

oh, and a body shot..
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