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We regret to inform you that...

($) Name: Claudia.
($) Birthday: 18 February 1986.
($) Location: Cincinnati, Ohio.
($) Sexual Preference: Boooyyyss.
($) Hair color: Light brown.
($) Three words you think describe you: Aloof, stylish, emotional.

~Favorites~ (**you must explain why**)
($) Band: No Doubt. It was love at first sight (hear). I first heard them ("Just a Girl") during rehearsal at dance class in 4th grade, and I haven't been able to part with my love for them since. They're so energetic and unique, and I think they have great chemistry. PLUS I'M GOING TO SEE THEM LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME JUNE 1ST. AAGHASDLKJASDALSD. I might cream myself.
($) Lyrics: "Wait... they don't love you like I love you." (Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs.) I love this lyric... I just think it's beautiful. The way she sings it, the tone of music. It's just wonderful.
($) Food: Indian. I love spicy food.
($) Body part: Eyes, I think. Very expressive.
($) Word: Conundrum. C'mon, it's fun to say.
($) Color: Mango, I think. It's nice to find clothes in that particular colour, you don't see it too often.
($) Book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Classic. It never gets old, and it's so hilarious.
($) Live Journal Friend: Zincomog, perhaps. He makes me laugh.

($) Religion: If that's your thing, fabulous, y'know? I personally haven't really "discovered" the spiritual side of me, although I was raised in a Catholic family and attend Catholic school, but maybe someday - even if it isn't the religion I was born into. As long as you're not forcing beliefs upon someone or using it to hurt others, then it's cool.
($) Politics: I think it's important to keep yourself informed and up-to-date on current issues, especially now. You hear SO many people bitching about government just because that's the "thing" to do, yet they can't even back up their statements. Or vice versa, they praise a decision that was made and don't even know shit. I hate that. If you don't know the facts, just shut up.
($) Drugs: I don't do them. It's a touchy issue, I guess. It's your own decision, just don't hurt anyone else. If you hurt yourself, remember it was YOUR choice.
($) Homosexuals: Love doesn't have barriers or gender.
($) Piercings/Tattoos/Scarring/and every other ‘mutilation’: In the wise words of Cartman... "What-evuh, I'll do what I want!"
($) Describe the perfect boy/gurl: Can't be done. I wouldn't want it to be done, either - where's the fun in that?

($) Most traumatic experience that ever happened to you: AGGHHH. I got a job at the Gap. This hot kid that had offered me his phone number a few months prior works there, too. I ran into him in the stock room once. I took one look at him and said, "OH SHIT!" and he laughed his ass off at me. OMGWTFBBQ. i think i must have turned about 34589634598 different shades of red.
($) What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: "I don't want to go to school."
($) What’s the most embarrassing c.d. you have… and still listen to: SPICE GIRRRRLLLSSS.
($) Why do you think you are more than just a face: EVERYONE is more than just a face, sillies. Well, okay. Maybe not. But I guess I'm just a strange little girl, and people are drawn to that.

~Finish This Sentence~
($) I wish that midget would… stop talking to my crotch.
($) My toenail… seems to have landed in your potato salad.
($) Cement blocks are only good for… stuffing down your pants.
($) Amputees really need… PEG LEGS. HAARRRR~~~!!!111ONE.
($) [::Phone Rings::]… *Pick up* WHATTHEFUCKBITCH?!

~Last Leg~
($) Post something that will make us squirt fluid out of our noses (The type of fluid doesn't matter).

My friend Libby used to go to speech class in grade school. One day she realised she couldn't say "squirrel" properly, so she ran up to her teacher and said, "Teachaw, teachaw, I can't say...!" and the teacher's like, "What? What is it, Libby?" And she's like, "I can't say... sqwa.. sqwa.. those fuzzy things on the ground!" And the teacher STILL couldn't figure out what she was saying, so Libby just kept on going until some kid in her class said, "Yoo bean uh SQWUH-WALL?"

Oh yes, and this is Steven. He is a pretty pretty princess.

($) Post at least two pictures of yourself:

On the riiiight.

On the right once more.

THE NED. end.
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