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Look, mod Sherry posting an app!


($) Name: Sherry
($) Birthday: May 26, 1983
($) Location: TN
($) Sexual Preference: [folds hands in prayer…makes out with the priest] I’m a good little heterosexual Christian girl.
($) Hair color: red
($) Three words you think describe you: sarcastic, loud, erratic

~Favorites~ (**you must explain why**)
($) Band: Supertones. They were the first Christian band I listened to.
They’re a punk/rock/ska band. Their lyrics are very thought provoking
and intelligent. I hate fluffy music. ($) Lyrics: I helped make this list and I hate this question. I
can never think of one that works. My Evil Plan to Save the World – Five Iron Frenzy
I have an evil plan to save the world for every man, And I think it's better
than the way it's being run. Oh the groundwork's laid, No Don't be afraid,
I'm sure that I can fix it, When I figure out the physics.
My evil plan to save the world, Just you wait 'till it's unfurled, It'll go
down in history. It's prophetic, No, it's not pathetic. I can't believe I
made it up myself.
I have an evil plan, To save the world you understand, The exemplary
feat, you'd think I'd have to cheat. I'd make Voltaire proud, Deep and
furrow brow. Uncanny and so clever, it's "Our Newest Plan Ever!"
Got tired of whining, A grander scheme with silver lining, For every
boy and girl. We can't be responsible, For all that's wrong with this
world. Starving children in pain, You can't believe in that God. The
world's not spinning your way, Does every dog still have his day?”
As if I could be God. Bask in the sarcasm of this song.:)

($) Food: Steak. There’s nothing like ripping into a bloody hunk of animal flesh to start your day off right. GRRRRRRRRRR! (actually I like it well done. [gnaws on leg])
($) Body part: Eyes. I think they’re my best feature, and are what I look at first and most for in men.
($) Word: discombobulate. It’s such a fun word to say. Discombobulate. Discombobulate. Discombobulate. Try saying it once when you’re in a bad mood. Discombobulate. It’s also a command in itself: [Me] VIX! Discombobulate! [Vix] Yes!
($) Color: RED!!! The color of PASSION
($) Book: Perelandra. It’s the second book in CS Lewis’ space trilogy. It’s super theological and has so many levels. I love reading it. [drool]
($) Live Journal Friend: hmmm….I feel like I’m going to get beaten if I get this one wrong. Well, lets go with <lj user “middlewang”>

($) Religion: Very important to me, and even though I’m a Christian and I think I’m right- all the time- I still think that you need something to believe in. Life is hard to handle alone. I personally need someone/thing outside of myself to help me. If you’re shopping, I suggest Jesus, because like, OMG I TOTALLY <3 Jesus. He’s super cool! There’s a special resurrection deal this weekend—half off!
($) Politics: I hate politics- and all those wankers that make politics their life.
($) Drugs: I don’t like them because I think they’re not good for you
($) Homosexuals: I don’t know- anything.
($) Piercings/Tattoos/Scarring/and every other ‘mutilation’: Piercings- I like them, but I have to work myself up to getting another one. I don't like pain. Tattoos- this goes with the piercings. I think small ones are hot on men...but only if they're small. Mutilation- Damn, get a life!
($) Describe the perfect boy/gurl: [twirls hair] he would, have like, big muscles and like, drive a cool car, and he we be so totally cool. [hits self and returns to reality] Not really. He would have noticeable eyes and large hands. I tend to find skinny white boys very attractive, but I’d rather date someone who was a little more on the built/husky(if you will) side. He’s musical- singing, instrument, something. Has a sense of humor and isn’t stuck up- preferably sarcastic.

($) Most traumatic experience that ever happened to you:
peeing on myself because I was laughing just before the 9th grade dance. I stood over a rain puddle so no one would notice. My best friend did.
($) What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: must…pee…
($) What’s the most embarrassing c.d. you have… and still listen to: Titanic Soundtrack….both of them.
($) Why do you think you are more than just a face: Because my face was horribly scarred in a freak fire when I was 4. Way to bring up the memories! No, I think I’m more than a face because I’m the co-mod and my personality is so much more awesome than my face, and I’m pretty damn hot. [sizzzzzzzzzle]

~Finish This Sentence~
($) I wish that midget would…jump on a trampoline
($) My toenail… looks good enough to eat
($) Cement blocks are only good for… weighing down dead bodies in the river!
($) Amputees really need… popcorn
($) [::Phone Rings::]… [picks up the phone, screams in their ear, hangs up]

~Last Leg~ ($) Post something that will make us squirt fluid out of our noses (The type of fluid doesn't matter). ($) Post at least two pictures of yourself: Hey kids! You get three!
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